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Our team members are AKA inspiration
to progress and innovate. 

Their only goal is to win, our is to provide the best equipment with no compromises to make it happens.

Arminas Jasikonis 27


In the 2017 season Arminas Jasikonis already showed true grit and persistent character as he stood out on several occasions in front of top MXGP riders in both qualifiers and actual races. The Lithuanian rider just turned twenty, and on the Agueda racetrack in the Portugal GP he pulled off quite the feat, first by scoring first place in the qualifier and then by closing out the race in third place, close behind two “phenomena” like Tony Cairoli, who went on to win the World title, and Jeffrey Herlings. Besides this impressive result, there were lots of other good performances that have helped him grow and make a name for himself in the circus that is the MXGP.

Petar Petrov 152


A product of Grand Prix’s recent stint of visits to Bulgaria and proof that elite sporting events can inspire the creation of a new star, Petar Petrov is one of the few from his country to burst through to the highest level. He made history in 2015 by delivering Bulgaria’s first MX podium finish in forty years. Wading through an apprenticeship in Belgium and in the depths of MX2 Petar is established in MXGP and now expecting some of the best times of his career.

Jose Butron 17


He entered the world of motorcycling by family tradition, as his father and uncles were practitioners of this sport. When he was 5 years old, he started to ride a motorcycle, as if it were a game, and he showed up for his first official test with only 7 years old. After winning the best track record in the history of Spanish motocross and proclaiming himself in 2005, at 16, Junior World Junior Champion, he decided to dedicate himself to professional motocross, becoming the first Spanish driver to obtain a bronze medal in the World Championship Mx2. Currently (2015) is considered one of the Spanish pilots with more international future.

Iker Larranaga


Born: 12.05.1996 
Life: Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
First race: 2005 local race
Career highlight: 
4 times Spanish Champion 
2015/16 SX2 Champion ADAC SX Cup

MX2 World Championship / ADAC SX Cup SX2 
Favorite track: Matterley Basin

Max Bianconcini 929


Member of the famous Da Boot Crew, Massimo Bianconcini is one of the true "Original Gangster" of the Italian motocross Freestyle.

Massimo started to race on the dirt motorbikes at the age of three years old and he had a fantastic career MX/SX before deciding to leave everything behind in 2001 and focus himself on the FMX.

Bianconcini is known for his unbelievable biker dowries, that have contributed to develop a sure and solid style, although he exhibits in very technical competitions.

Diego Nicoletti


Fought the class E2, where the three contenders to the throne "Nicoletti, Falgari and Tellini" if they are played in just 20 seconds. To win was the pilot Vicenza GTS TEAM ENDURO Diego Nicoletti on (BETA), who managed to win the titles of Italian Champion SeniorE2 2012.